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White Water River Rafting India

“Untamed river is earth’s traitor, resisting magnitude, boogieing to its own melodies,for eternity breaking off away and ultimately always charming. There is not anything even half of the pleasure while sitting in a boat and enjoying, playing & messing around with white water.”

You can call the rafting as the mother of all courageous sports. White water rafting is a tough spare time bustle using a raft to steer a river or erstwhile bodies of water. This is generally done on white water or diverse levels of forceful water, so as to delight and electrify the raft folks along for the ride. Leh Ladakh is one of the best places in the world where white water rafting is practised every year.

Get ready for a breathtaking action jam-packed experience in wilderness of white water trip with Destination At Doorstep. Catch 13,000 cubic feet per second of water and include few friends with you to get this ultimate pleasure. We make available all the equipments and accessories like life jackets, plastic safety helmets, first aid kits, throw bags and winch systems for river rescues, etc.

White Water Rafting in Ladakh and Zanskar
Leh Ladakh provides ample of options for adventurous activities amongst landscapes of stunning, rocky exquisiteness. These for the most part consist of river rafting, mountaineering and trekking.

River rafting in Ladakh is pretty contrasting anywhere else in the world. The Indus River ranks from grade three to five and gives a lot of adventure. Ladakh gives a variety of rafting on the Indus and its main tributaries. The most favourable stretch in white water is on the Indus between Spituk and Nimu.

The most thrilling and adventurous rafting option is available on the Zanskar River, along its spectacular course through a gorge in the Zanskar Mountains between Padum and Nimu. We train out adventure loving guests and take care of all the adequate arrangements for rescue back up.

Ladakh package of white river rafting during Leh Ladakh tour takes you via its charming landscape, high snow-covered peaks, summit monasteries, hillside villages and exceptional wildlife. The two rivers Indus and Zanskar are the best options to raft. Indus River and its tributaries offer a wide range of rafting options.Zanskar River offers some of the most difficult and pleasurable rafting options. Its water will be frigid at six to seven degree Celsius so it is advisable to carry a wet suit.

Best Time
From June till October you can take pleasure of rafting. Don’t waste your time, plan your vacation now, call us on 1800-103-2228 (toll free in India) or visit our website http://www.destination-doorstep.com/leh/

Friday, July 27, 2012

Trekking in Ladakh

“Imagine a world as a book and the destinations are the chapters which you should cover to explore your knowledge, experience and joy. If you will leave the chapters just because of being lazy, you won’t be able to discover the true beauty of nature, culture and adventure.”

Destination At Doorstep offers adventurous trekking tours for its guests. The magnetisms in Ladakh for the tourists are snow clad peaks, translucent lakes, barren terrain, etc. The best time to visit on trekking in Ladakh is during between July and September.

So, this is the time you should start packing your bags and allow us to assist you.

Leh Ladakh tours propose the exploration trekking trips also. This is a setup sandwiched between two of the world’s utmost mountain ranges, Himalayan and the Karakoram. This valley barred initially for the reason that of the rival and then for its tactical geographic location.

The major obstacle in the trekking in Ladakh is by reason of frosty waves and snowstorm. Therefore, particular clothing is mandatory for trekking in this county. You require following items before you start trekking:
  • Pullovers and anorak must be reserved handy,
  • A pair of walking shoes along with tough rubber or synthetic soles for hold,
  • Thick strand socks,
  • Good sleeping shoulder bag,
  • Awater – resistant tent,
  • Afine quality water container,
  • Flash light with ample stock of batteries,
  • A sun – hat,
  • First – aid and
  • A pair of good quality sunglasses 
These are necessary gear for arrival on a trek and all should be back packed in a good quality bag.

Apart from these necessary things, in proportion to the time and budget; the traveller offices at Leh, Kargil or Padum plan trekking programs for the visitors but the accurate and simplest means to go on trek is by contacting us, we will take care of each and every arrangements including:
  • Camping gear,
  • Provisions,
  • Staff and all other matters.
It is sensible to have each & every necessary thing with you however, we will help you in providing all the necessities.

Our Involvement
We have capability in providing the day-trippers, the promising trek trip packages at bazaar leading prices. In addition, we as wellgiveconsideration on the facilities and backing provided by us throughout the completeexpedition to give surety a safe and memorable venture touring experience. We also have best hotels in Ladakh, Nubra, etc. to reside with comfort.

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Leh Ladakh Tour in Jeep Safari

If you are enthusiastic to acquire true way into the heart of Ladakh and want to travel around its rowdiness and get pleasure from its rural villages and picturesque majesty, a jeep safari is just the right thing for you. Destination At Doorstep offers one of the best, relaxing and most thrilling ways for seeing the sights of the Himalayas. Ladakh and adventure go simultaneously. When we talk about adventure, jeep safari turns out to be one the luxury opportunities to travel around the landscape surprises and the distant areas of Ladakh

The Trans Himalayan county of Ladakh recommends both modest and rough landscape. However, depending on your potential, you can go for a jeep safari preference if you desire or if it suits you. We have a task force of well maintained and good conditioned jeeps operated by professional drivers. The jeep drivers have the complete knowledge of the entire landscape as they travel in like the rear of their hands. Arrangements for feast, staying, guides and caretakers throughout jeep safaris in Ladakh are particularly considered and implemented from our side however, we request our guests to contact us for more details.
Whether its Leh Ladakh expedition or trekking in Ladakh, jeep safari is ultimate to provide you the thrill of connection with the wild beast and also takes you into the utter niches and spots of Ladakh.

We are offering ultimate Ladakh packages with the bizarre jeep safari routes during Leh Ladakh tour ranging from extended distance route into Zanskar or to the adjoining states of Himachal Pradesh to small distances into the well-known Nubra valley, bazaars, etc:
  • Leh – Mahe Bridge – Tso Moriri – Tso Kar – Tanglang La – Rumtse – Leh A five days tour, Altitude is 17, 469 feet per 5325 metres stretch.
  • Leh – Khardung La – Diskit in Nubra valley 12 days package, Altitude is 18,000 feet per 5500 metres stretch.
  • The Trans Himalayan this jeep safari packages is of 12 days, Altitude is 17,469 feet per 5325 metres.
  • The Dha Hanu and Pangong Lake this is a combined jeep safari involves 9 days. Altitude is 18,000 feet.
  • Rangdum – Mulbekh the tour takes 8 days to complete. Altitude is 4400 metres.
  • The source of the Ganges Safari  takes 12 days of beautiful voyage. Altitude is 3500 metres.
  • The Monastery and Lake Safari involves 11 days. Altitude is 12,000 feet.
For the selection of your suitable Ladakh packages and its details along with jeep Safari in Himalayas please click Contact Us or email us at travel@destination-doorstep.com!

Land of High Passes – Ladakh

Packed in between the great Himalayas and the impressive Kurnarakom Range, Ladakh is the bizarre section situated in the northernmost Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is a hard feeling to portray while you drive beside those mountain ranges or dip your feet in a cool watercourse near a village may this is the reason Ladakh is a very admired tourism destination in India. Ladakh is one of the attractive locations which win the heart of voyage tourists and nature lovers. Before you enter to the adventurous land of Ladakh, we would like to enrich your information about Ladakh’s culture and activities.

Ladakh culture is very rich due to which Ladakh is well recognized for artistic tours, adventure tours, fair and festivals, monasteries, trekking, and many more activities. The events during the festival including –
  • Archery ,
  • Polo and Mask Dances from the monasteries,
  • Conventional dances by cultural troupes,
  • Motorbikes expedition to Khardung-la,
  • Thanka canvas exhibitions,
  • Trekkingin Ladakh,
  • River rafting and
  • Folk songs in addition to a string of various music concerts as well as cultural programs organized.
You can visit Ladakh in summer as well as in winter. International tourists come and spend the summer here while domestic tourists prefer the snow capped hills and the frozen lanes. Moreover, couples visit the destination for their honeymoon.

Ladakh experiences tremendous climate deviations a lot for its lofty altitude. The region is also meagrely populated. Due to Greater Himalayas range of location, exposes the place to excessive winters.

The distinctive feature of the winter is excessive temperature dip during the hours of darkness but no snowfall. Although, the Himalayas lingers snow covered during this time. However, some parts experience snowfall from end of September and liquefy faster.

Just as the intense winter, summer would put you soaked in perspiration. The temperature rises up to 35 degree Celsius, a sharp difference to the winter. The parts that experience snowfall have it thawing out at faster rate whereas, in Leh and Shimla, the snow stays on for no less than a month.

Destination At Doorstep has great Ladakh packages deals for you with no concern from which part of the world you are! This destination is a place where you can enjoy all types of the tour packages. We also offer packages for our visitors who want to experience adventurous pleasure.

For better assistance please feel free to contact us any time by clicking Contact.

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Ladakh – The Best Place for Trekking in India

Ladakh is a high terrain region and is known for trekking. It is suitable for almost all types of trekking. Tourists and trekkers from across the world come to this place to experience the endless fun of watching and practicing trekking. Leh is a city of Ladakh and are mostly referred together. People who want to enjoy Ladakh trekking / Leh Ladakh trekking can do it with the help of travel and tour companies.

Trekking in Ladakh without the help of such companies can be little troublesome. In such cases the aspirant has to get the permissions and do all the registrations and this might take much time. Travel and tour companies get these passes for you without wasting your time and energy. Under their guidance people can enjoy without any perimeter and do what they really wanted to, which is trekking.

In Leh Ladakh, the two most famous types of trekking are mountain trekking and river-side trekking. Apart from these two, one can also enjoy forest trekking and sand trekking. Depending upon the choice of the trekker the track can be of 5 miles or 25 miles. As far as mountain and forest trekking are concerned they both go hand in hand i.e. most of forests in Ladakh are on mountains or cliffs. It is clear that after such a tiresome sport one needs good accommodation and dining facilities. Tired by the trekking people sleep like never-before and enjoy the meal as if never had before.

This is why the hotelsin Ladakh have wide range of national and international cuisines. There are many types of hotels and rest houses established across the regions of Ladakh. These hotels are economically divided but do stand different on geographical notes. In Ladakh one is never limited to trekking or rafting, tourists in Ladakh are well treated by local Ladakhi people. These people serve them love and expressions, custom and culture, stories and legends. One can also enjoy gudgud chai that is capable of killing the anxiety, stress and exhaustion experienced after trekking.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The most difficult river rafting on Zanskar River

Ladakh tourism is the backbone of ladakh’s economy. This industry has provided employment to a huge number of local people. Ladakh tourism offers great scope for adventure activities amidst landscapes of breathtaking, rugged beauty. The most popular among these are trekking, mountaineering and river-rafting.
Nestled in the snowy peaks of the alarming Zanskar Range, Zanskar is a sub-division of Kargil in the interior part of the Leh Ladakh region. Its administrative center is at Padum. Zanskar is the most isolated part of the Leh Ladakh region.
River Rafting on Zanskar River

Ladakh temperature can fall to a bone-severing -30 degree Celsius during winter season. Temperature in Ladakh rises up to 30 degree Celsius in the summer months. The best time for tourists to visit Leh ladakh is between April to September.

River rafting is available on the Indus and its major tributaries. The best stretch for professionally guided rafting in white water is on the Indus River between Spituk and Saspol. River rafting in this stretch can be performed by up to grade 2 rafters. After Saspol, the river becomes very difficult and funny, so it requires technically more skilled 4+ grade participants under careful and best trainer’s organization. The easiest stretch in Lndus River is between Spituk to Karu that can be performed by below 2+ grade rafters in a day. This stretch is an ideal for basic training and full of scenic floating for amateurs. In recent years, running the Indus has become an attractive alternative to trekking and features on the itinerary of most visitors.

The most difficult but exciting option for river rafting is on the Zanskar River between Padum and Nimo through the gorge in the Zanskar Mountains. This is suitable only for well organized white-water expedition, prepared for several days of river running and camping in absolute wilderness. Participants are required to be trained rafters of grade 4+. The arrangements should be assigned to a dependable professional agency like Destination@doorstep. Sufficient rescue arrangement is an essential pre-requirement for embarking for a white -water expedition on river like the Zanskar.

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Climate conditions in Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh is known as a summer destination for tourists of all over the world. The land is famous in winter for international tourists and honeymoon couples too. A large number of tourists come here to spend the summer while foreign tourists prefer the snow capped hills and the frozen lanes. Honeymoon couples rush for a winter trip here for the romantic air and the much comfortable resorts. However, every traveler to the place should know about Ladakh temperature and the weather conditions of Leh Ladakh before deciding a trip.

A famous tour operator Destination@Doorstep gives you information about climate in Leh Ladakh and the season that could be appropriate for your travel. One important part of your Ladakh tour would be to know that during extreme winters, there are landslides and road blockades dangers.

Ladakh temperature varies much due to its high altitude. Most of Ladakh is situated above 2,500 meters and the capital Leh is at 3,500 meters. The summers are hot and the winters are cold. Ladakh temperatures sometimes reach about 35 degree Celsius in summer and dropping as low as -25 degree Celsius in winter. So, you need to bring appropriate clothing for a range of conditions, because with global climate change, one may experience the occasional cool day even in summer. At an altitude of 3521 meters above the sea level, the months of December and January are freezing below minus 30 degree Celsius. Often people from the small towns of Ladakh move to mainland where the climate is still warmer. The barren locations of Ladakh are also dry and hot in the months of April to October.

One important aspect of the climate of Ladakh is the absence or scanty rainfall over the years. You wind the roads more dry, windy, and sandy. Rainfall in Ladakh amounts to around 10 cm annually.

Some parts experience snowfall from end of September and melts away faster. Ladakh temperature in winter varies from minus 25 degree Celsius and 15 degree Celsius.

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